Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day off number 1!

I am starting to like this 4 10 schedule. Today i was able to finish up the cockpit seats and take them up to the boat for a test run. they look pretty good and with a little sanding, fiberglass, paint, and varnish they should turn out pretty good. now if only the rest of my order from Jamestown Distributors would get here, and the weather would warm up, then we would be in business! unfortunately the weather seems to be holding in the 40's for the next week or so......AND I NEED IT 50 DEGREES!!! o well, it gives me a chance to get other little odd end jobs done like finish these seats!!!! i also pulled the strainer off the thru hull going to the engine intake. It was plastic and just screwed into the hull....I've got a brand new thruhull and strainer that i need to put in. I also need to pull all the thru hulls and probably replace them. They are pretty corroded up and need some attention. well I might not get much done until this weekend but until then stay warm, don't work too hard, and send me a blackened grouper sandwich please!

Monday, February 22, 2010

weekend and my half weekend

well i just got done with my first "real" day at work and all is well. as a matter of fact things are going really well considering i am OFF TOMORROW! I love 4 10 shifts! I was able to get the cockpit seats started. i am hoping to take them up to the boat tomorrow to test fit them before i fiberglass them and paint them. well I am off to finish the starboard side seats!....well after i finish this pizza at least. mmmmmmmm pizza....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good news...bad news....

well the good news....I got a new FULL TIME JOB! It is also 4 10 shifts which means i will have 3 open days to work on the boat. unfortunately my schedule lately has been rather crazy which has prevented me from getting much done. It will definitely give me a chance to pay off my remaining school loans and start saving up a decent cruising kitty. I am looking forward to this weekend to hopefully get a lot done. i pretty much have everything i need to finish up my nav station and start the process of sorting out the wiring. I have been planning the headliner fix and also planning how to insulate the boat in certain locations. I have never been a fan of condensation inside a non insulated boat. hopefully will finish those cockpit seats after i fixed one of the broken pieces of teak. i've got a picture of it included. little bit of varnish and you will never be able to tell. well onto more diagrams and then sleep! come on spring! i need some warm weather!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The wood work is starting to come along. The Nav station piece is cut and ready for staining once i cutout the instrument panel and storage holes. I have everything i need except for the VHF and A/C panel. I will hopefully have enough cash by this thursday to order both and finish this project ASAP. In the meantime i have been going back and forth on different ways to create the cockpit seats. Originally the cockpit seats consisted of plywood with a teak deck veneer and teak trim pieces around the inside edge. This was simply glued down to the cockpit itself and also served as a lid to the lazaret. The First owner did not like the seats because they became hot in the texas sun. To solve this issue he did one thing that still makes me cringe.....he painted them white! Also from years of sitting the piece that covered the lazaret completely rotted away. I fortunately still the trim pieces and went back and forth on creating a new teak deck "looking" cockpit seat. I really don't have the patience ( or money! have you seen the prices of teak?!?!?!) to lay down teak decking. I thought of alternatives such as using mahogany and even bamboo over the top of fiberglassed plywood. Then i finally decided to create plain old fiberglass seats using the original pieces as templates. Then i started looking at the trim teak pieces and sanded them down a bit. I would be slapping the rare teak trees across the face if i were to merely fiberglass over perfectly aged teak lumber. So i sanded down a few pieces and they all look beautiful except one piece that has a small section knocked out. o'well, nothing a little glue and epoxy won't fix. the plan is to make fiberglass seats and then use the original trim pieces on the inside of the cockpit. That way the boat will remain a bit lighter in the back end, it won't be as hot to sit on, it will require FAR less maintenance, and there will still be a bit of a traditional look in the end. I've got a few pics of the progress. here ya go!