Monday, March 22, 2010

stop blowing holes in my ship!!! part 2...

well emily and i have been hard at work lately. the fiberglass seats are coming along nicely. They are covered and only need to be faired down and painted!! we also started working on the headliner. I am using mas flag epoxy to glue the headliner back up. I also ordered a depth/speed/temp system from tacktick this week. The old system had individual speed and depth transducers. The tacktick system uses a "triducer" so i can fill in one of the holes. Less drag and less of a chance of a leak! We are also continuing work on wood work. The galley countertop is in need of work. It looks like we will be placing some formica over the top of it. ALSO!!! sorry excited about this one :) we ran the engine for a while! It runs great and gets the overall approval by my dad (A diesel and overall mechanic). well enough talk, here are the pics!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is here!

The weather is finally starting to break which means...
1. slip fees are due
2. The boat needs to be in the water ASAP
3. I have about a month until charleston race week.

To address number 2 I have indeed ripped all the below waterline thru hulls and valves out. you can look at the one picture and see that they are pretty messed up. the saltwater definitely had its way with them. I am finally in the process of fiberglassing the seats. they have started to warp due to moisture in the air and so i have them flattened out and laying glass down to hopefully hold them in that position until i can finish glassing them. I am also starting to varnish a few more things and continuing to work on the electrical system. so much to do and so little time!!! my plan is to have the boat in the water by mid april or sometime shortly after. once the boat is in the water I can finish rigging the mast and boom on shore. I just want to be on the water!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Stop Blowing Holes in My Ship!!"

Hey there everybody! It's Emily, and while no one was blowing holes in our boat, Joel did manage to remove the through-hulls yesterday... so there are 6 holes in the bottom. The instruments were outdated and overall in pretty sad condition, so the holes are actually a good thing... or so Joel says. Also, I managed to clean up the mast (which had been lying in weeds and mud on the side of the marina), scrape off the adhesive that held down the old cockpit seats, and wipe down the cockpit with a good healthy dose of simple green. We're both excited about the warm weather that's supposed to be coming our way. Then we can get the new cockpit seats and the new hatch in, and we can take the tarp off... yay!