Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And She's Back in the Water Where She Belongs...

Saturday, I met Joel and Bob back at Boulder Marina. The Pascagoula Run was no longer sitting in the cradle that has held her for the past ten years; she was up in the slings, and Bob was applying the last few coats of bottom paint to the keel. The sun was baking down on all of us at around 100 degrees, and while we waited for the paint to dry, Joel, Garth, Amanda, and I went for a swim in Cole's Creek just down the road. When we got back, Joel decided it was finally time. Joel, Bob, and I took our places on deck, and Schmitty fired up the tractor and gingerly led the boat to water. After checking for leaks (thankfully there weren't any, due to Joel and Bob's great job installing the new seacocks), the slings were removed, and she glided into the water. We motored over to her new berth, with Garth and Amanda taking video, and several other members of the marina taking pictures and hollering their congratulations. Needless to say, Joel and I are so proud of our boat, and so thankful to those who helped us get this far.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

parts are in!!!!!!!

The parts have finally arrived from Marina Grobenbrode! we will be lifting friday to work on the bottom of the keel and launching on saturday!!!!
we will be floating soon!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still waiting for parts...

It is joel this time with a boatload of pictures from my "camera" aka cell phone. the boat is officially watertight. All the thruhulls are mounted, the hull is shiny, the transducer thru hull is in, the engine runs good, the prop is on, and i even have the frame rails for the nav station rebuild installed. things are starting to look up! well, it is my day off and i am getting ready to head back to the lake to do a bit more work so that we can launch the boat once the rudder parts get here. we are really close!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spit N Shine :)

Yesterday, the boat got two coats of penetrol. She also got about 5 years worth of grime scrubbed off of the deck (the poor thing was neglected for 10 years). We also cleaned and flushed out the anchor locker. Below are some pics of the boat; the first is a before-the-penetrol shot, the latter two are after shots.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Isn't she a beaut?!

The bottom paint is finally on! All that's left before we can put her in the water is to paint the small patches that were under the cradle pads, put in the new thru hulls, sand and paint the very bottom of the keel, and apply a thorough amount of poly-glow. But she's looking pretty great now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Why, that's a [boat] of a different color!"

Well, we did something yesterday none of us thought we would be able to accomplish: we put on all 6 coats of barrier paint! She now has four layers of gray, and two layers of white; then, on Saturday, Joel and I will put on two layers of black bottom paint. The Pascagoula Run will be looking as snazzy as the fireworks going off over the lake that night! Following are some pictures of Bob, Joel and I, and our boat of many colors :)