Sunday, August 29, 2010

more update pics and videos

The above two pictures are courtesy of Deb and Tim

I also want to make note of a few friends websites. The picture above is of Kasey. He is a cool guythat is refitting his boat the same time we are. He has been giving me a hand lately from time to time. This picture was taken when we took out Pascagoula Run on a longer run to try and warm up the engine. we had a good little cruise and hopefully when he gets back from chicago we will be able to sail the boat finally! you can find his site at here

I would also like to acknowledge Deb and Tim From the lake. The are closing in on the cruising life! Alot of fun to talk to and they take really good pictures! they have 2 sites. a blog found by clicking the hyperlink above and a picture site where they happened to take 2 really cool pictures of the boat moving across the water. Thanks again guys!!!

videos of launch day

I have been bad at updating so as an update i will tell you what i have been updating :) try that as a tongue twister. well, the boat is doing well and things are coming along. the mast work has begun and so has the electrical system. i have the interior cabin speakers installed and i just got the mounts for the exterior speakers today! :) i have more than ample wire to get all the mast wiring and interior wiring finished as well as an assortment of fuses circuit breakers and connectors. well, these videos take forever to load so i may have to load these up over the course of a few days. i am heading to the lake tomorrow and i am off monday! lots more to finish... see you on the water.