Thursday, February 3, 2011

well it has been a while!

I know, i know i have been the ultimate slacker lately. The last post was in november!! The past few months have been busy. the new a-c electric is hooked up. the d/c is pretty much done. i am in the process of installing led lights inside. i am also starting the plumbing. the hardest part is deciding where to put the holding tank for the head a.k.a. toilet. this winter has been terrible!!! normally the lake is thawed most the winter. this year the ice hasn't gone away since mid december. well hopefully it will warm up here soon so we can go sailing!!!!Last weekend was my birthday. kacey (another crazy friend braving the elements every weekend) also had his birthday earlier in the week so we sort of threw a joint b-day party. We had some good friends show up and to say the least we had one heck of a good time! Thank Guys!! My family also went to florida after the new year to celebrate a "late christmas" with my family there. It was a bit chilly a few of the days but we had a good time. well here are few pics of what has been going on over the past few months. I also have 3 pictures of the boat launch that a friend of mine gave to me recently. he had a better camera than i did! i will try to update more often and pursuade my better half to fill in when she gets a second away from school, work, and helping me work on the boat. we are going to have one heck of an awesome summer!!!