Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Flashback Summer on "the Run "

I find it utterly amazing (and slightly terrifying) that there is some truth in a statement my father once made: "the first two decades of your life take forever... after that, it flies by before your eyes". I'm only 21 now, and Joel is 24, but to say life is moving fast these days is a HUGE understatement. Anyway, the point is, this summer went by a little too fast, and Joel and I were too busy sailing, working (on the boat and at our jobs), and having fun to write anything. (I never have been able to keep a diary for more than 3 consecutive days, so I'm going to blame it on Joel :)

So, following this are some pictures from this summer that include snapshots of our marina club's raft up, some great sailing days, and our fairly recent pig roast. These detail the good times about the summer. The bad part about the summer, is that at the very end of it, our engine had issues... issues bad enough that Bob and Joel (along with Ray and Marc, some good friends at the marina) had to pull it out of the boat last weekend :/ In essence, one of the cylinder heads had to be completely replaced, there is some slight wear on the inside of one of the cylinders, and the exhaust elbow needed to be replaced as well. The guys have spent the last several days taking it apart piece by piece and plan on boiling the block before putting it all back together. I'll try to get Joel on here to write up more about it, because I will admit I am completely ignorant in the ways of mechanics. Get me talking about literature and I'm so there, but I really have to nod my head a lot and smile when people are talking about machinery around me. More to come soon!... hopefully.