Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer To-Do List

Here's our list of projects that we intend to tackle this sailing season:

Replace standing rigging (shipping in as we speak :)
Order new head sail *check :)
Refurbish galley area
Build an ice box where the old/super in-efficient/broken drop-in fridge was
Urethane the salon floorboards
Line the aft cabin with insulation & new carpeting
Have new aft cabin cushions made
Fix cracks in headliner

Since I won't have any summer classes for the first time in 3 years, this list actually looks do-able :)  

From No Name to New Name

As of this weekend, the boat will finally bear its name on something other than the US Coast Guard documents... lol. We are having a re-naming ceremony on Saturday along with some other couples at Boulder Marina.  I can't wait to actually see the name on the boat.  This is just the transom cover, which Joel and I worked on this weekend.  We are planning on putting the name on the starboard side of the boat as well when we pull our boat our for cleaning in the next few weeks.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mast Down!

While I am sad to report that our mast is down again (the last time being when it was laying in the weeds on the wooded edge of the marina when we bought the boat), this time it is down for a good reason.  We purchased a Harken roller-furler this winter, and with that purchase, we decided it is also the right time to replace pretty much all of our standing rigging.  Some of the stays are slightly corroded from saltwater exposure.  We have also ordered a new head sail. :D So, in short, we are decently low on funds right now, but during the next couple of months, the Run is going to see some pretty awesome changes.  Pictures of our winter escapades will follow shortly.