Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Cove Out of the Year! :D

Now, for those of you who are actually able to do some blue water voyaging, this post may be a little dull.  But if you are landlocked and limited to the largest lake in Illinois, you'll understand the happiness that comes from being able to sail out of your marina under on a cool night under a blanket of stars to an empty cove.  The Pascagoula Run and our friend Kacey's boat, Wind Gypsy, made the trip last Saturday night and anchored together in Cole's Creek.  Though the lack of wind that night caused us to motor, we had a good time "sailing" side by side and listening to music across the black glassy water.  The next morning, I made a full breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, and even fluffy biscuits (provided by Kacey), on our functioning stove/oven.  We ate and took in the view... and were surprised to see a bald eagle on the shore. Though these birds come down in the winter to Alton (a town about 2 hours away), we rarely ever see them around here.  After cleaning up, we took advantage of the 10 knot winds and enjoyed a great sail.  Overall, a great first cove-out of the year. Oh, and on a side-note: Joel finished hooking up the sink in our head, so we now have running water to 1 of our 2 sinks! It's the simple things in life you treasure :)