Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aside from the galley project, we have gotten so much accomplished this summer (and when we get back from our honeymoon in France, I promise to post pictures to prove it... lol). 
We have:

1) Replaced both side windows with dark, smoke-tinted plexiglass
2) Cut out and replaced the porthole in the head with one we custom ordered from Marina Grossenbrode in Germany... you should have seen me translating the instructions.  oh meine Güte!
3) Replaced the front hatch (with another new, authentic Dehler hatch & hardware made by Marina Grossenbrode)  It has a "sherry" tint... it was that or clear.   But it actually complements the red striping really well.
4) Galley renovation
5) Installed new plumping lines and hardware for the galley sink
6) Installed a  3 gallon water heater under the port settee
7) Installed a Whale Twist Deck Shower in our cockpit

So, here's what's next on out list: 
1) We are in the process of replacing the transom cover's hardware and are planning how to turn it into a swim platform
2) Bimini
3) HEADLINER!!!! (my biggest "beef" with our boat)
4) Aft cabin renovation
5) Bow pulpit
6) Anchor-rolling system

*These really don't exist in any particular order, being as we are generally working on multiple projects at a time.  You've got to have something to do when fiberglass or resin is setting up, right?

Galley Refurbishing Job Complete

They say a picture can say a thousand words, so I'll limit mine to this, and then let you see a bunch of pictures.  We finally finished the galley refurbishing job, and it looks amazing.  In short, we stripped and sanding everything down, taped everything off, painted everything (and I mean EVERYTHING inside and out) hatteras white, and then used Giani countertop paint to create a brand-new classy looking finish. It's amazing how much it brightens up the boat.  See for yourself :)