Monday, March 31, 2014

A White-washing, Tail-gating Good Weekend

Well, another hour-and-a-quarter ride to the lake resulted in arguably the most productive weekend we've had all winter. We cleaned the boat, and dredged our way out of our temporary winter slip on the main dock-- the one that used to be occupied by our friends Deb and Tim of SV Kintala. (Follow them on their cruising journey on ). We changed the engine oil filter after our short but arduous journey to our slip on the end of Jost Von Dock. I successfully applied two coats of Total Boat Primer to the v-berth headliner and bulkhead after painstakingly taping off the wood trim around the vberth portal. I don't have any pictures of that to post yet, but I plan to post some after the real paint goes on (hopefully a week from now). However, I do have pictures of our newly reconstructed tailgate. Joel's amazing and seemingly innate fiberglassing skills turned Dehler's original transom cover into a fully-functional tailgate. I'll let Joel post next on how he created this awesome addition to out boat.

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