Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fun, fiberglass , and battery acid.

Work has continued on despite the crazy heat.  The bow reinforcement is complete. Instead of a chainplate, for the forestay Dehler used a backing plate under the deck that looked like it was repaired once upon a time.  I didn't trust the way it looked so I decided to reinforce that area of the bow and also reinforce farther aft to support load from the bow roller that will hold my 15kg Rican anchor . Oversized ? Yep. Do I like sleeping well at night ? You know  it. So, under the deck I took a sander and grinder to the glass. I also installed new u bolts and laminated 11.5 oz carbon fiber to the deck and hull.  I then laminated a 1/4 thick piece of g10 plate under that. And to top it off, a decent sized 1/4 inch thick Stainless plate  just to make sure .  I feel pretty confident that it isn't going anywhere now. Did I mention I like my sleep?  I have frames bent for the bimini/solar array .  I also have a new xantrex true sine inverter and a new simrad tp32 autopilot ready to install. We installed more lights, made new hatchboards from starboard , completely rebuilt most of the companionway, installed some awesome bora fans from caframo, installed  4 6volt batteries and I am sure I am forgetting a few things. We have definitely had the chance to relax though  by sailing and coving out with friends. We will see how much we can accomplish before Emily's favorite season gets here .
Fair winds, Joel