About Us

Since Joel is the one who first dared to dream this dream, I'll tell you about him first.  Joel is a twenty-five year old who has been inextricably tied to the water since his very early years.  A proverbial fish out of water, when Joel wasn't swimming, he was sailing . He gained some of his first experiences sailing on his parent's snark, which grew into a Buccaneer, which eventually morphed into The Dandelion--a sunshine yellow San Juan 24.  During his mid-teenage years, his parents figured out not only that he had been commandeering their vessel whenever he got the chance on weekends and summers,  but also that the majority of the marina members thought it was his boat.  Skip forward a couple of years.  After graduating college and getting a job as a radiation therapist, Joel decided to make his dream into a reality.  After spending numerous hours on Yachtworld, Joel discovered that the boat he's been looking for has been sitting in the back of the dry-dock lot in Boulder Marina for the last 10 years. Needless to say, he bought the boat, and we've been working on restoring/refitting her for the last three years.

As you might have guessed from the profile, I'm Emily, The (Pascagoula) Run's first mate.  I'm an artistic, well-read, determined, and spunky twenty-three year old.  I have my bachelor's degree in English and am certified to teach grades 6-12.  I work at a high school on the edges of East St. Louis, and am currently back at SIUE getting a post-baccalaureate certificate in TESL (teaching English as a second language). Joel and I started dating in 2008, and I've been on board with what was initially his dream ever since. We both made the decision to buy the Dehler 31; I love it for its sleek lines, wide deck, and the way it cuts through water smoothly and effortlessly.  Even though I have only been sailing for the last 4 years, I have never been on a boat that is as fast yet steady as ours is.  Though school and work sometimes impede my ability to work on the boat as much as I'd like, I've been a part of the refurbishing process from the beginning, and I love seeing her transform from her neglect into the homey black, white and red beauty she is today.