The Vessel

Dehler 31 *The Pascagoula Run*
Our boat was originally made in Germany between 1985 & 1986.  She was then transported to Houston, TX, where a few Dehlers were sold. They weren't as popular in the US because they were sold as luxury racer/cruisers, and the prices reflected the German's pride in their engineering.  We don't know much about the first 10-15 years of her life, other than she was kept in the Houston area and obviously lived the saltwater life.  Oh, and she bore the name "Some Kinda Slick"... catchy, huh? lol.  In the late 90's, she was bought from the original owner by a man from our marina in Illinois who also had aspirations of fixing her up.  However, he had obligations as a working family man and was forced to put her on the back burner.  In November of 2009, Joel and I were looking around the marina at a number of derelict boats and immediately fell in love with the Dehler's potential.  After contacting the current owner, Joel bought the boat, and we've been working on her ever since.